by Marcello Arosio
unveiling December 14th, 2008
Porta Castello, Monza (MB) I


AreaOdeon, in collaboration with Comune di Monza, Provincia di Milano-Progetto Monza e Brianza, and Ferrovie dello Stato, develops a public art project to install an interactive decoration work in Porta Castello, Urban Center, Teatro Binario 7 and the new access to Monza railway station’s square. The formal work realization, point of contact between the more extensive initiative Tratta d’Arte - to enhance the railway places through the Milano-Como’s line and the project “Monza in Arte Monza” - for the urban spaces, both developing, counts with the public inauguration the 14th of December 2008, in occasion of the demonstration “Solstizio d’Inverno” (Winter Solstice). The work, placed in Porta Castello’s square, among the new access to the railway station, the Urban Center and the Teatro Binario 7, puts in evidence the cultural, artistic, infrastructural value of the place, presenting itself in a multi-chromatic and dynamic installation during the day and in a bed of reeds of vibrant light during the night, interpreting the square’s pedestrian and car traffic. The interaction with the thousands of place-goers will be assured by electronic sensors which will catch the movement’s fluxes. They will determine, in relation to these, through an expressly programmed electronic junction box, the interpretation of different musical pieces by the great classical maestros. According to the intensity of the surrounding noise, from Mozart to Chopin, they will thus give life to a symphony of dynamic light, the sequences of which will be a reflection of Porta Castello’s life.

Two different visual suggestions
During the day, vertical bright colors liven up Porta Castello’s space. The wrinkle plastic pipes, usually used for underground wiring, of different height and color, held up in a vertical position and fasten to the ground with a metallic base. This, will create imperceptible movements that comply the wind, play the role of a bed of reeds. During the night, the inner- plastic tubes lighting, changing its intensity in a set of cars and pedestrians’ crossing-dependent melodies, introduces a multicolor rhythm of lights in Porta Castello’s night landscape, which puts in evidence the birth of the new public space.    

Thank to all the people that have made possible and have took part in the work’s realization: Maurizio Ambrosini, Marcello Arosio, Tommaso Arosio, Giuseppe Asti, Chiara Balansino, Marco Battisti, Fiorenzo Bettineschi, Fulvia Bonfanti, Davide Borroni, Silvio Bosetti, Dario Brivio, Elena Caprotti, Davide Cella, Carlotta Fumagalli, Piergiorgio Garda, Simone Gentile, Tommaso Giunchi, Massimo Nava, Paolo Penati, Francesco Ponzoni, Paolo Portaluri, Gianluca Raineri, Vincenzo Reda, Raffaella Regina, Daria Sbaglia, Cino Serrao, Giulia Trapanotti and you  all who are going to light the square with your crossing.


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